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Be the Company Employees
Never Want to Leave

We help companies retain their people

Develop Leaders Employees Want to Follow

Develop and Engage Employees

Be the Employer of Choice

Stop Your Business from Being a Revolving Door

Without the right strategies in place to retain your people, you'll continue to experience...

A shortage of employees to do the work

Employees only stay until a better opportunity comes along

Frustration as you watch your most talented employees leave

The loss of reputation in the marketplace because you can't deliver what you promised

Living day to day, constantly reassigning job responsibilities to fill the void of employees who left

The loss of money and morale associated with high turnover

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Hi, I'm Colene Rogers. And I'm Jim Rogers, and we are Retention Architects. We help companies be the one employees never want to leave by developing leaders employees want to follow.

And how do we do that? Through what we call Retention Architecture. Every organization needs all five pillars to retain that top talent.

Number one, you need a strong talent acquisition program. Number two, you need leadership development to create those leaders that people want to follow. Number three, you need conflict resolution training throughout your whole organization. Number four, a talent development program, because that's what your people want. And number five, HR practices to keep you out of court.

So here's what you're up against. You're up against public policy that's disincentivizing work. Your processes aren't defined as well as you'd like, so you're fixing things more than producing. And when you look at your leaders, you wish they had a little more skill and that fine balance of holding employees accountable and encouraging them. So these are the things that we come in and help you do.

How does it work? You give us a discovery call. We figure out how we can help you. We design and implement your plan. So that you can become that employer of choice.

Be the company employees never want to leave by developing leaders employees want to follow.

Retention Architecture Is The Solution

Talent Acquisition

The right people in the right seats

Leadership Development

Leaders employees want to follow


Be a company that can talk about anything

Talent Development

It’s what every employee wants

HR Best Practices

Be certain you are compliant and remove the distraction of fear